Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The May Issue of The New Moon Is Out--Check Your Inbox!

For those of you who currently subscribe to our email newsletter for booksellers, The Moon, you may have noticed a few changes.

We've streamlined the look, included new features, and christened it with a new moniker: The New Moon. As with this blog, our goal is to really connect with you, our selling partners, each month and offer support, guidance, and resources with the aim of helping you grow and thrive in this ever-changing market.

Our May issue of the New Moon was mailed this morning. This issue includes:
-A peek inside our Fall 2012 Catalog
-Shelftalkers (Seasons of Witchery, Jesus Through Pagan Eyes, The Magickal Retreat, and The Long-Lost Friend)
-June New Releases
-And Much More!

If you did not receive a copy in your email inbox, you can also view it here: The New Moon, May 2012 Issue.

You can also visit our website to subscribe to The New Moon, ensuring that it reaches you each month (please note that you will need to log in/register to be able to join our mailing list).

Friday, April 20, 2012

Peek Inside Our Fall Catalog

Llewellyn Fall 2012 Catalog
Click here to access the catalog PDF
Hi Booksellers,

The release of a new catalog is always a supremely satisfying moment for us. So it’s with tremendous pleasure and pride that I officially introduce Llewellyn’s Fall 2012 list. Woo-hoo!

As you may recall, the fall catalog is the “big one.” It includes our entire backlist—a great resource throughout the year.

The Art of Bliss

Kicking off this exciting season is The Art of Bliss, a September release from Tess Whitehurst. The author of Magical Housekeeping and The Good Energy Book offers a delightful guide to beautiful living and personal evolution. Weaving together the I Ching, feng shui, and a sprinkling of magic, she teaches how to reconnect with your bliss.

Have any Wiccan customers who also practice tarot? They will undoubtedly be interested in Ellen Dugan’s Witches Tarot. Teeming with recognizable Pagan symbols woven into evocative digital artwork, this stunning deck will appeal to all devotees of the Craft. Echoing the traditional Rider-Waite structure, the Witches Tarot is also highly accessible. The enclosed companion guide by Dugan features card descriptions and meanings, plus seven unique, spell-enhancing spreads for tarot readings and magickal practice.

Coming this October is The Healing Power of Reiki by Raven Keyes, the first Reiki Master to practice in an operating room under the supervision of Dr. Mehmet Oz. She shares personal stories of working with Dr. Oz and healing workers at Ground Zero, PTSD survivors, professional athletes, and trauma patients. This inspirational guide also includes meditations and exercises to invite healing and engage in Reiki energy.

For all the Scott Cunningham fans out there, we’ve got something special for you. This November, we’re releasing Cunningham’s Magical Sampler. This first ever collection includes magical writings from the legendary and beloved author —essays, spells, and rituals—originally published in the first editions of Llewellyn’s Magical Almanac.

Monday, April 2, 2012

New Releases from Lo Scarabeo

We have a TON of new, gorgeous decks now available from Italian publisher Lo Scarabeo! Check out what's available!

Alchemy 1977 England Tarot Deck: Alchemy 1977 is famous around the globe for their stunning gothic artwork and steampunk accessories. Fans of this iconic brand will recognize and appreciate the powerful and seductive images in this extraordinary tarot deck. This captivating mix of art from world famous gothic illustrators ranges from traditional horror to lush supernatural scenes to medieval fantasy. The boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and an instruction booklet.

Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot Deck: Renowned worldwide for her breathtakingly beautiful fantasy artwork, Anne Stokes delights fans yet again with this gorgeous tarot deck. This exquisitely crafted deck offers a compelling gothic twist on the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith suits. The wands are themed to mighty dragons. Cunning vampires have replaced the cups. Skeletons stand in for pentacles, and the swords have become angels. Use this inspiring tarot to explore strange magical worlds, call upon inner strength, understand dark urges, and test the limits of your imagination. The boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet.

Michelangelo Tarot Deck: Revered as a divine genius even in his own lifetime, Michelangelo is unquestionably one of thegreatest artists of all time. Honoring the master of the Italian Renaissance, the Michelangelo Tarot Deck cleverly enshrines his signature work into a tarot paradigm. David, the Madonna, and other familiar faces from Michelangelo’s iconic masterpieces come to life in unique and compelling ways. This inspiring tarot, lightly tied to Rider-Waite-Smith structure, can be used to deepen your faith, solve spiritual conflicts, make moral decisions, and embark on your own personal renaissance. The boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet.

Royo Dark Tarot Deck: Luis Royo, one of the most popular fantasy artists of our time, invites us into a vivid world of haunting beauty, where justice is swift and transformation is inevitable. Shimmering nightscapes are dominated by deadly female warriors, noble armored knights, and luminescent nature creatures, both wild and wise. Loosely based on the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition, Royo’s sensual and empowering tarot deck urges you to confront your darkest fears, embrace your primal passions, and unleash the beast within. The boxed deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet

Tarot Bags: We also have two new breathtaking tarot bags from Lo Scarabeo, the Moon Fairy Satin Tarot Bag and the Magic Star Satin Tarot Bag.

Runes: There are also three new rune sets available, the Blue Onyx Runes (pictured at left), Golden Quartz Runes, and Hematite Runes. Each set comes with 25 rune stones, a black velvet bag, and an instruction booklet.