Monday, March 16, 2015

Blue Angel Prices Will Increase April 1

Beginning April 1, prices for Blue Angel items (our Australian publishing partner of books, oracle decks, CDs, and DVDs), will increase.

Click here to view a PDF with the new prices.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Dear Llewellyn Business Partner,

We wish to provide you with an important notice regarding several exciting changes taking place here at Llewellyn, Flux, and Midnight Ink!


As of March 1, you will notice that we have a new website at! Along with this new website, we have updated other aspects of our system to make our ordering and shipping process better than ever. However, our new website and system will effect a few important changes designed to enhance your customer purchasing experience:
  • New Website: You will notice that our website,, is completely new and updated! You will experience the following changes as you first log in and place orders:
    • Set a new password. Each user will need to set a new password for their account. Upon your first log in, please use the "Forgot Password" link to create a new password. All other account and purchase history information will be preserved. Additionally, all account changes—including updates to passwords, addresses, and more—will now be made in real time; no more waiting!
    • Shopping carts will expire after 24 hours. To accomodate our real-time stock information (you can now see what is currently in stock or in back order!), shopping cart information will be removed after 24 hours. Never fear! We now have a "Wish List," to which you can easily transfer items in your shopping cart if you are not yet ready to purchase, create multiple wish lists for future orders, and more!
  • Promotional Codes: Promotional codes must be entered exactly as they appear; there will no longer be a special comments section to add additional information. However, once entered, the promotional code will be applied immediately and you will see updated the correct, discounted price(s) in your shopping cart.
  • Back Orders: We will now ship back orders when 1) at least 4 copies have accumulated or 2) after 60 days from the order date, regardless of quantity. Any back orders associated with a credit card order will ship automatically without advanced notification; credit card information cannot be changed on existing orders once they have been placed. All accounts can choose to cancel all back orders, though Llewellyn must be notified in advance. Please note that this change does not apply to those accounts with net terms.
  • Once an order has been submitted, it is final. To accomodate our real-time processing (your order goes straight to our warehouse, day or night!), orders can no longer be changed once they have been placed. Additional items you wish to order will be created as a separate order (so some discounts may not apply), and any items you no longer wish to order will need to be returned.
  • Pay Invoices Online: With our new website and its functionality, you will now have the option to view and pay all invoices online, in real time

We want to thank you for your patience as we work to make your ordering experience with us better. We are excited for the coming changes, and hope you find our new ordering processes as user-friendly as we do!

For any questions regarding these changes, or to place an order, please call your sales representative or our Customer Service department for more details.

Michelle Palazzolo: 1-800-843-6666, extension 8419 or
Katie Kane: 1-800-843-6666, extension 8428 or
Steve Hubbard: 1-800-843-6666, extension 8324 or
Customer Service: 1-800-843-6666 or

We wish to thank you for your continued support!