Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The April New Moon Is Out--Check Your Inbox!

 For those of you who currently subscribe to our email newsletter for booksellers, The Moon, you may have noticed a few changes.

We've streamlined the look, included new features, and christened it with a new moniker: The New Moon. As with this blog, our goal is to really connect with you, our selling partners, each month and offer support, guidance, and resources with the aim of helping you grow and thrive in this ever-changing market.

Our April 2014 issue of the New Moon was mailed this morning. This issue includes:
-Cats Rule and Dogs Drool: 15 Feline-Friendly Items for Animal Lover
-Shelftalkers (Mystical Cats Tarot; 365 Tarot Spreads; Drawing Down the Sun; and Plant and Fungus Totems)
-A Stuffer (Voice of the Earth Tarot Spread for Earth Day)
-May New Releases
-Llewellyn's 2014 Spring/Summer Catalog
-Indie Stores' Top Five Picks
-And Much More!

If you did not receive a copy in your email inbox, you can also view it here: The New Moon, April 2014 Issue.

You can also visit our website to subscribe to The New Moon, ensuring that it reaches you each month (please note that you will need to log in/register to be able to join our mailing list).

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cats Rule, Dogs Drool: 15 Feline-Friendly Items for Any Animal Lover

We here at Llewellyn are equal-opportunity animal lovers, but one thing we do know is that felines are fast taking the world by storm. Cat film festivals, YouTube videos, and feline superstars like Maru and Grumpy Cat bring out the cat lover in all of us.

Thankfully, we can bask in all the furry glory with several feline-friendly books, decks, and oracles, all designed to inspire—and bring out the magical feline fascination from within.

1. The Marseille Cat Tarot
Some decks whisper. Some decks shout. This deck meows. The Marseille deck—of the original Tarot decks of the world—is now updated for the twenty-first century with adorable cats! The fabulous feline motifs of this unique deck add a cozy touch to any tarot collection and are sure to become favorites of tarot readers around the world.


2. and 3. Cat Wisdom Book and Inspirational Cards 
We recently announced that we will now carry Blue Angel Publishing, a high quality Australian publisher of books, oracle decks, CDs, and DVDs. New in our warehouse from them are several exciting products, including their Cat Wisdom Cards. A collection of photographs and kitten-inspired words of wisdom designed to celebrate the love that cats bring to our lives! Featuring 45 cards and a guidebook, this fun and inspiring card set will encourage you to reflect on your life from a new perspective. These make a great companion to the Cat Wisdom Book, similarly designed to celebrate the feline mystique and inspire a daily dose of cute. (And, dog lovers rejoice! Blue Angel also has available the Dog Wisdom Cards and Dog Wisdom Book .)

4. Mystical Cats Tarot
We simply could not be more excited for our Mystical Cats Tarot. Anyone who has ever owned—or been owned by—a cat knows its wild and mystical nature. With this deck, open the door to a magical world of feline enchantment that offers eternal and ancient wisdom.

5. and 6. Black Cats Tarot and Cats Inspirational Oracle

Last September, Lo Scarabeo released two feline-friendly decks, both of which are sure to please even the most discerning cat lover. Cats Inspirational Oracle features the feline experience is a fresco of countless conditions of the soul. Tarot expert and author Barbara Moore collaborated with artist Marco Turini to create the lively deck featuring 32 different cat breeds and scenarios. These light-hearted images celebrate the joys that fill a cat's life—luxurious naps, adventure and play, affection and love—and mirror our own.

The Black Cats Tarot is a gorgeous, Rider-Waite-based tarot that celebrates and honors the beautiful and magical black cats. Cleverly incorporating feline characteristics and legend into traditional tarot archetypes, this fanciful deck captures these creatures moving between worlds of reality and fantasy, the mundane and mystical. Disarmingly cute yet unmistakably wise, the black cats encourage you to explore your own animal nature.

7., 8., 9., 10., and 11. Perennial Favorites
The Enchanted Cat, a 2007 COVR Award winner, includes dozens of charms, spells, and meditations for working with feline power. A naming ceremony, lists of magickal cat names and correspondences, and spells and charms for your cat's collar are just a sampling of the feline-friendly magick inside.

Journey with the enlightened feline and welcome their unique secrets with the Tarot of Pagan Cats (also available as a cute and collectable mini version). Cats—cute, mysterious, mischievous, or aloof—seem to live in a world between worlds, a realm of magic and power. Access their unique wisdom with this beautifully illustrated deck, featuring traditional Rider-Waite imagery and Pagan symbols.

Designed in the Rider-Waite tradition, the easy-to-use Tarot of the White Cats (also available as a mini deck) is fun for all levels of tarot enthusiasts. Featuring majestic, albino kitties displaying their mystical and valiant personalities, these feline-themed cards are the perfect gift for your cat-loving friends (or yourself!).

12., 13., 14., and 15. Bags, Journals, and More

Lo Scarabeo has a number of fabulous, feline items to make your journey just that much more magical. The Black Cat Satin Bag and the Egyptian Cat Satin Bag are both perfect for keeping your cat-themed (and others, of course!) decks safe, or for decorative and gifting purposes. The Cat Note Box makes keeping household and work notes organized, while the Cat's Eyes Journal makes a perfect place to record your dreams, spells, ruminations, insights, and more,