Friday, November 18, 2011

Eye of Horus and Other Indie Stores Embrace eBooks

eBooks have become a force to be reckoned with.

To be honest, I still like to read the old-fashioned way. But there’s an undeniable growing population of folks who are embracing digital books. As a result, more and more independent bookstores are starting to sell eBooks and eReaders. In fact, Eye of Horus, a metaphysical store in Minneapolis, Minnesota, opened their new eBookstore this month.

Since Google eBooks ™ launched their e-book program last December, over 250 independent bookstores have started selling their digital books. This article from IndieBound explains why Google eBooks are indie store friendly.

“A Google eBook is a new form of cloud-based digital book that allows readers to access their libraries on almost any device from one single repository, regardless of where the e-book was purchased. ABA has partnered with Google because of its open and accessible platform so ABA member bookstores can provide an easy way for their customers to discover, read, and buy e-books at competitive prices.”

Are you currently selling eBooks or considering it? Do you have concerns about plunging into the eBook marketplace?  Please let us know!

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