Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Manifesting Business Success

Dear Booksellers,

When you dream of ways to improve your business, do you imagine store expansion, increased foot traffic, updated fixtures, or a bustling website? What if you could manifest your business goals simply by envisioning them?

Melanie Barnum, author of The Book of Psychic Symbols, offers detailed insight on how to breathe life into any desire you can imagine. Clarifying your specific goals—and imagining success—is the key.

Manifesting Business Success
By Melanie Barnum

We are all passengers on the bus that is our lives. But have you ever been the driver? We have the power to create a life we love through manifestation. All you need is to take control of the wheel.

The Book of
Psychic Symbols
by Melanie Barnum
Manifesting is changing circumstances to allow something into your life. So, get ready for change! Using symbolic imagery is one of the easiest ways to guarantee success.

Show Me the Money
Imagine, and it probably won’t be hard, that you want more money coming into your bookstore or metaphysical outlet. That’s right. Just imagine it. What do you see? What do you feel? Does it make you uncomfortable? Does it feel negative? Let’s revise that impression.

First, come up with five symbolic images of a positive increase in money. It can be as simple as seeing cash flowing into your cash register, or as grand as envisioning what increase in money could provide, like new fixtures and equipment or more stock. Be specific about the amount you want. It can be a lump sum or a monthly increase, but be specific. Write them all down.
Now, take each symbol, one by one, and focus on it for a minimum of one minute per image. Focusing might be hard; that’s ok. If you have other thoughts or get distracted just acknowledge those thoughts and let them pass, then refocus on the image. 

What image do you see when you think of success? Do you see piles of cash? A happy family? A life of leisure? Use this as your end goal in every manifestation. You want success. Focus on this image for one minute.

After you’ve finished, thank the universe and let it go. This may sound difficult. It is. But if you want to manifest, you can’t continue to focus on what you want or you will never actually get it. Part of this is because doubt works its way in. You may feel you don’t deserve the money or you’ll never get the money. This negative energy can redirect your intentions and ruin all the manifesting you’ve tried to do.

So let it go. Let the universe do its job.

Am I Done?
Now don’t assume money will just fall from the heavens. It has to come from somewhere. Yes, it’s a strong possibility that your loved ones or guides are helping to manifest what you want, but they’re not throwing gold coins down to you. (That would hurt too much when they hit your head.) Instead, they are opening up opportunities to bring what you want into your life and your business. 

Simply put, by paying attention to the little things that begin to show up in your life you are letting the universe do its thing. For instance, if you asked for $400 more per month and someone offers you $100 per week to host a workshop, in line with the type of products and services you offer, it’s a no brainer. Do it! There’s your extra cash. 

Be open and receptive to what’s happening all around you. You will find that if one opportunity presents itself that doesn’t feel right, something else will show up to help you achieve just what it is you want to manifest.

Don’t worry. You are also allowed to change what you’re trying to manifest. If you are working on retaining the perfect customer and you forgot to specify you wanted all your clients to be return customers, you can edit your request. It’s okay to go back and “adjust” what you are trying to bring into your life.  Just don’t dwell on it after you’ve fine-tuned what you want to manifest. 

What Symbols Should I Use?
In the manifest above, money is the main goal. However, you may want to manifest something more specific to boost your business. Here are some ideas:
Attract More Customers
Imagine groups of people in your third eye (clairvoyantly) walking into the store. Not angry mobs, but happy groups. A line of people is happily waiting to have their purchases rung up.
Encourage More Purchases 
See customers reaching back up on the shelves to add to what they are already buying. Their arms are overflowing with books and products.

Host More Profitable Store Events
Visualize the media spreading the word about your event and your store overflowing with happy customers.

Boost Profits and Web Traffic 
See huge arrows with blinking lights directing people to your website. Your credit card income statement shows increased dollar amounts. People smile as they sit at their computers and shop at your site.

Increase Repeat Business 
Imagine people, one by one, walking through your door to buy your products—and those same people returning. See his happening again and again. Then, imagine they have brought friends, who in turn come through your doors repeatedly. Allow this vision to loop continuously.   
Remember, your job while manifesting is not to create the “how” it will happen. Just focus on the end result. Let the universe work its magic and figure out the how. It’s not complicated: Use symbolic images and bring clarity to your desires. The more specific you are, the greater your chances of creating success.


Melanie Barnum (Bethel, CT) is the author of The Book of Psychic Symbols: Interpreting Intuitive Messages. She is a psychic medium, intuitive counselor, life coach, and hypnotist who have been practicing professionally for more than fifteen years. Barnum was a VIP Reader at Psych Out, a gathering of the nation’s foremost psychics, organized by Court TV. She is also an Angelspeake Facilitator, a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT). Visit her website and her blog.

Melanie Barnum on her favorite bookstores:
I love the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, New York, because it was a part of the whole experience of sharing in the energy of all of the students and teachers in my class. Another favorite is Byrds Books in Bethel, CT, a small, independent store that just opened above my favorite coffee shop.


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