Thursday, September 22, 2016

Celebrating Samhain

It's the end of September, and the days are already getting shorter, the sun a little lower in the sky, and the breeze cooler. Before you know it, Halloween will be here! The time is at hand to begin planning for both business and home, and for us at Llewellyn, that means books. Sabbats and spirit communication...and a lot of spooky, all-too-true tales. Behold the spectacular selection of titles new and old that will inspire your Sabbat, spook your socks off, and lift the veil.

To Harness the Eerie Power of Halloween Every Night of Year:

Each of the 36 richly illustrated cards of The Halloween Oracle has an accompanying meaning in the guidebook, which features rhyming couplets like those used in ancient storytelling as well as a message of divination for you based on an aspect of Halloween tradition.

Jasmine Becket-Griffith shares her Halloween dreams with beautiful gothic maidens, magical autumn fairies, characters from Dia de los Muertos, and a fun mix of pumpkins, witches, and skeletons. This coloring book includes fine detail coloring as well as broad patches and fun characters for those who like a simpler approach. Each coloring pattern features an enlightening description of the painting it’s based on and the character depicted to satisfy the curiosity of the artist's many fans. Printed on premium, heavy stock art paper.

To Empower Your Sabbats:

Now in its eighth year, the Sabbats Almanac features a wealth of recipes, rituals, craft projects, and lore. Filled with over fifty articles by your favorite Wiccan and Pagan writers, Llewellyn's 2017 Sabbats Almanac provides welcome ideas and insights into each holiday on the Wheel of the Year. Plan spiritually uplifting celebrations and family activities. Perform sabbat-specific rituals and world folk rites. Whip up tasty treats and crafts as reminders of the season's gifts and lessons. Also featured are astrological influences to help you plan rituals according to cosmic energies.

From Llewellyn's popular Sabbat Essentials series, Samhain features ways both new and old to celebrate the cornerstones of the witch's year. This guide shows you how to practice the serious work of divination and honoring the dead along with the more lighthearted activities of Halloween, along with rituals, recipes, lore, crafts, correspondences, and much more.

To Celebrate Those on the Other Side of the Veil

Join renowned Druid priest Kristoffer Hughes in this COVR Award-winning book as he explores the three realms of existence—the realm of necessity, the realm of spirit, and the realm of infinity—and illuminates the essence of grief, mourning, and spiritual continuation. Challenging many status quo beliefs about the afterlife, this book provides exercises, meditations, rituals, and thought-provoking questions designed to bring you on a journey of discovery through the most profound of all human transitions.

Filled with insight and practical guidance, The Journey Into Spirit shows how to honor family and friends in spirit, discover life-affirming aspects of every state of existence, and move beyond the fear that surrounds death.

To Scare Your Socks Off:

Embark on a fascinating journey into Revelstoke, Canada, a world-renowned ski destination with a well-kept secret: it has a long and active paranormal history just as breathtaking as its mountain views. Packed with stories of hauntings, UFOs, Sasquatch, missing time, and much more, A Strange Little Place takes you into a small town full of thrilling secrets and bizarre encounters.

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