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An Uplifting and Engaging Guide to Healing Grief from Psychic Medium and Lawyer Mark Anthony

Losing a loved one is, unfortunately, a universal experience. Yet how we grieve is utterly unique to each of us. While there are no shortcuts through the grieving process, it’s possible to find comfort and, eventually, healing. Never Letting Go, written by psychic medium and practicing attorney Mark Anthony, offers hope and guidance through the darkest hours of bereavement.

After his mother’s death, Mark Anthony was devastated—until he experienced the impossible: a visit from her. This profound and life-changing experience not only helped him cope with crushing grief but inspired him to develop his gift of spirit communication and bring healing to others.

Opening up to the notion that life transcends death is the first powerful lesson in Anthony’s engaging and uplifting guide to healing from grief. Evidence of the soul’s immortality is illustrated in his moving accounts of delivering life-affirming messages of forgiveness, gratitude, hope, and comfort from loved ones on the Other Side. By sharing his experiences and wisdom as a psychic lawyer and medium, Anthony reveals the healing nature of spirit communication and the rewards of opening our hearts to beloved friends and family in spirit.

This inspirational guide also outlines a healthy grieving process, featuring guidelines on avoiding self-destructive behaviors, embracing the notion of life after death, recognizing spirit messages, knowing when to seek a medium, and continuing a relationship with someone in spirit

Here’s a heart-touching and uplifting excerpt from Mark Anthony’s Never Letting Go: Heal Grief with Help from the Other Side.

Contact with a spirit can be an incredibly healing experience because it teaches us to let go of the sorrow caused by the death, but hold on to the love for the person who died. Spirit contact also helps us understand that God exists, the Other Side exists, the soul is immortal, and that we will be reunited with our loved ones when it is our time to leave this material world.

I’m often asked how I can be so sure of this. I certainly don’t have all the answers, no one does, but I do have some insight. I am a psychic medium who was born with the ability to communicate with spirits.

I’m also a criminal defense and personal injury trial lawyer. I’ve represented thousands of people, many whose lives have been shattered by the deaths of loved ones. As a lawyer, I advise people that you can’t change the fact someone you loved died. What you can do is change your perspective on death. With the help of spirits, that is what I do as a medium.

Many people seek my services as a medium to establish communication with the spirit of a loved one. Those who do have progressed to the point in their journey through grief where they believe it will be healing to communicate with the Other Side. In several instances though, it is the spirits who choose the time and place of the contact. Sometimes, this occurs when you least expect it, as I discovered one day in my capacity as a lawyer during a jury trial.

I was representing a client who was accused of assault and battery. Jury selection is the beginning phase of the trial, which occurs before evidence is presented. The objective is to question a panel of prospective jurors to determine if they have any bias so both parties can obtain a fair and impartial jury. As I stood at the podium before the panel of jurors, I had an uneasy feeling about one of them. Prospective Juror Number Nine was a nervous middle aged woman with a beautiful olive complexion, whom I’ll refer to as “Juror Nine.” My intuition about Juror Nine was confirmed when I became aware of a female spirit’s presence near her. While it isn’t unusual for me to perceive spirits, this wasn’t the ideal time and place for a connection with the Other Side. I tried to ignore the spirit so I continued on with my questioning of the jurors.

Since it was my obligation to seek out potential bias against my client, I asked Juror Nine, “Have you, or has anyone in your family, ever been the victim of a crime?”

She took a deep breath, and then started to tremble, “Yes—about a year ago.”

This information was important to the client I was representing since I had to ensure he would have an impartial jury. Apparently, this was also important to the spirit who wanted to communicate with Juror Nine because my link with the spirit intensified. I felt a tightening around my throat which indicated to me that the spirit had a problem breathing prior to her physical death. I continued, “What type of crime was that—if I may ask?”

“My sister was in a foreign country when an escaped mental patient strangled her. Then he dismembered her body and threw it in a dumpster—like she was garbage!” Juror Nine said as she covered her face with her hands and burst into tears.

I was aghast. The courtroom became extremely still. A few people gasped. One of the other jurors looked like he might become ill. Even the normally vociferous prosecuting attorney was temporarily speechless.

All eyes were upon me. Stunned and at a loss for words, I knew everyone expected me to do something. My professors in law school certainly didn’t teach me how to deal with this situation.

“I—I’m so sorry. I can’t even imagine what you and your family have been through,” came stumbling out of my mouth. “I wish I had the right words to console you.”

“What could a lawyer possibly say to make me feel better?” Juror Nine replied bitterly.

“Please forgive me for bringing up such a painful memory,” I responded.

“Painful? You have no idea what painful is,” she said struggling to regain her composure.

I wanted to move on, but Juror Nine was in agony and her sister’s spirit had come to her rescue. It was a huge risk personally and professionally, but I had to try, “Perhaps if she was here—your younger sister would want you to know that her immortal soul lives on.”

“They tell me that in grief counseling at my church. I’m sorry for being angry with you. It’s not your fault. Please forgive me,” Juror Nine said softly, “Maybe it’s foolish, but I pray everyday just to hear from my sister. Just to know she’s okay.”

The message from her sister’s spirit resonated through me. I had to deliver it.

“Maybe when it comes to hearing from Heaven— sometimes—no news is good news,” I relayed the message.

No news is good news!” Juror Nine repeated excitedly as she sat up straight, “That’s something we always said to each other! It was our secret inside joke. How in the world do you know that? Or that she was my little sister?”

“Objection!” boomed the prosecuting attorney.

“Sustained!” the Judge ruled, “Mr. Anthony, I don’t know what purpose this discourse is supposed to accomplish. Please move on to another juror.”

Wiping the tears from her eyes with a tissue, Juror Nine looked at me and smiled gently, “Thank you—that made my day.”

I’m often asked how I can be both an attorney and a medium at the same time. Having a foot in both worlds is challenging at times, yet I’ve never seen them as conflicting. Being both a medium and an attorney has proven beneficial to my clients over the years. I’ve also seen striking similarities between my dual professions.

Both of these careers are about helping people—to solve their legal problems or to ease their grief. In my legal and spiritual work, I’ve also seen how choosing the wrong means of dealing with death can devastate someone and the lives of those around that person. Finding the right path through grief is extremely important.

Mark Anthony has practiced law for over twenty years and has been a regular guest legal commentator on the Fox News Network. As a medium who studied at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Psychic Science in England, he has combined his intuitive gifts with his legal experience to share insight and guidance to people coping with the aftermath of a life-threatening, life-changing, or life-ending trauma.

A member of the Florida Bar, US Supreme Court Bar, Washington DC Bar, and the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Bar, the author is a graduate from Mercer University Law School with Honors and studied law at Oxford University in England. Through his numerous lectures and call-in media interviews he has helped thousands of people better understand the afterlife. He lives in Florida. For more information about Mark Anthony visit

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