Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Deonna Kelli Sayed on Coast to Coast AM: America’s Paranormal Obsession

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Why are we so captivated by spirits, ghost hunting, and all things otherworldly?

Last Saturday, paranormal investigator and researcher Deonna Kelli Sayed joined Ian Punnett to discuss this very question on Coast to Coast AM.

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Sayed is the author of Paranormal Obsession, just released this fall. It’s the first book to explore our nation’s insatiable interest in the creepy and unexplained.

Deonna Kelli Sayed, the author
of Paranormal Obsession
What does our fixation on ghostly activity says about American culture? Sayed offers compelling insight based on her interviews with ghost hunters, religious figures, scientists, academics, and cast members of the popular TV shows “Ghost Hunters” and “Paranormal State.” 

Paranormal Obsession also highlights the author’s investigation of the USS North Carolina, the most haunted battleship in the United States.

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