Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Video History of Llewellyn's 110 Years

The cake at the Llewellyn's
anniversary party didn't last long!

It’s been an exciting year. As you may know, 2011 marked Llewellyn’s 110th anniversary.

We celebrated in a variety of ways. In addition to Twitter parties, we hosted a real-life party at our offices here in Woodbury, Minnesota, last month. There were authors signing books, tours of the building, and experts giving tarot readings. Carl Weschcke, co-owner and chairman of Llewellyn, also gave a great speech.

Carl and other authors signed and gave away
books at the party.

Today the Minneapolis Star Tribune published a feature article on Carl Weschcke. “A Supernatural Plan” appeared in the newspaper’s business section. Carl talks about what first sparked his interest in the metaphysical, his dream to become a publisher, how Llewellyn has weathered the Great Recession, and more.

In the article, Joseph A. Amara, vice president of business development and an owner of Magus Books, and Steve Madson, co-owner of the Bodhi Tree book shop in California, share their thoughts on Llewellyn titles.

Now, we are excited to share with you a video history of Llewellyn’s 110 years!

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