Monday, May 16, 2011

How to Get Local Customers to Promote Your Bookstore

One of my favorite blogs to go to for advice, information, and tips on Social Media is Social Media Examiner. A recent post by Michael Stelzner, "How to Turn Your Local Customers Into Raving Fans," focuses on the local marketing activities of Chicago based Dominos pizza franchise owner, Ramon De Leon. It contains some very valuable advice on how to get your local customers not just talking, but raving about your local business.

A few of the key points covered in the interview include:

  • How to encourage people to come to your local business.

  • How to use photos to create an experience online.

  • How to use Twitter for real-time monitoring and what to look for.

  • The biggest thing businesses forget to do on Foursquare and why it makes the difference.

  • How to create stories for customers to talk about.

  • How to put out a social media fire.

Watch the 5 minute video of Ramon De Leon's interview and read the full post here.

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