Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Using Your Intuition to Make the Best Business Decisions

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Are you ever plagued by indecisiveness? The pressure of making all the right choices for your business must be intense, even stressful. Relying on facts and figures for guidance seems best, but sometimes there’s still no clear answer.

I admit that many of my life decisions, from buying the right house to deciding on the best school for my son, have been somewhat based on what "feels right" to me. Sure, I do the research. But I trust my "gut feelings" too. Then there are times when I don't have a strong feeling to guide me at all. Did my intuition decide to take a hike? Or do I just need to be proactive about accessing it?

I invited Kathryn Klvana, author of Intuition in an Instant and expert on dowsing, to discuss this easy technique for tapping into your intuition any time you need help with business decisions.

Business Intuition – Dowsing for Answers
By Kathryn Klvana

In this tough economy, making the right decisions can mean the difference between a business that thrives and one that falters. You have to employ a variety of skills to run a successful business, from objective analysis to gut instinct. But if you call upon your intuition to help you with everyday business matters, you’ll not only become a more confident decision maker, you’ll also begin to notice your intuition growing stronger.

That’s what happened to me when I discovered dowsing several years ago. Most people think of dowsing as an old fashioned technique for finding water with a forked stick. But when I started using a pendulum for dowsing, I found an easy tool that allowed me to access my intuition in a consistent way whenever I needed guidance. I’d pick up my pendulum, hold a question in my mind, and wait for my answer. I quickly became hooked. Can becoming more intuitive be as easy as that? I think so, and I also believe that everyone can learn this practical technique for accessing inner wisdom.

A pendulum can be anything that can dangle in a balanced way on a chain or string. It doesn’t matter if you use a beautiful crystal pendulum on a sterling chain, or a fishing weight on a piece of dental floss. Hold your pendulum in your dominant hand and tell yourself, “Show me a yes.” What you’re doing is programming yourself to recognize a positive answer. My yes response is a clockwise circle, but yours could be something completely different. Once you’ve established your yes, ask for a no. You may have to practice for a while to get movement from your pendulum, or it may move right away. Keep at it, and you’ll find that your dowsing becomes stronger.

Once you gain confidence with your dowsing, you can use it in a variety of ways in your business. You might want to start your day by prioritizing your to-do list. Hold your pendulum over each item in the list, and ask yourself which items should be done first. Try it for a week, and see if dowsing helps you become more organized and efficient.

If there are new products you are considering selling in your store, you might want to dowse through the list and see which ones get a positive hit. If you need to narrow your choices even further, try the ranking method. Hold your pendulum while counting slowly from one to ten. A book that gets a positive swing on the number 9 (90 percent) will be a stronger pick than one than gets a swing on 3 (or 30 percent).

You can use the same method for setting up special displays. Which books should be out front? What month would be best for this special event? Which idea would be most successful for bringing in new business? Once you learn to dowse, you might find that your pendulum is one of the most useful business tools at your disposal.

Kathryn Klvana is the author of Intuition in an Instant. She teaches dowsing in the Washington, DC area, and has presented dowsing workshops at the American Society of Dowsers annual conventions. She is also an actress and writer. Her voiceover work includes documentaries for National Geographic Explorer, The Learning Channel, and the Discovery Channel. Visit her online at www.klvana.com.

Kathryn Klvana's favorite bookstore:
"I love Sacred Circle in Alexandria, Virginia. This bookstore has great energy. It's right in the heart of Old Town, and it's a very warm, welcoming place. They always have a lot of classes and the staff is great."

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Have you ever experienced a strong hunch that went against your rational judgment? What happened when you followed this instinct or ignored it? Do you ever pray for a solution, ask angels for guidance, or practice a special technique to access your inner wisdom? Please share!

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